Read Think Microgrid's Open Letter to Secretary Granholm

Open Letter to Granholm

Open Letter to Secretary Granholm on the DOE's Zero Emissions Building Definition 

Think Microgrid published an open letter to Secretary Granholm expressing concerns about the unfortunate impacts and missed opportunities of the Zero Emissions Building (ZEB) definition issued by the Department of Energy (DOE) in June, specifically that the implementation of this definition will effectively remove an entire category of distributed energy resilience solutions that customers and communities are seeking: microgrids. 

Download the Think Microgrid 2023 State Scorecard

2023 State Scorecard

The Think Microgrid 2023 State Scorecard uses an evaluation framework that considers five fundamental criteria, each of which is critical to understanding today’s market and future opportunities: deployment, policy reform, resilience, market development and equity. The Scorecard includes detailed analysis of state activities across the landscape and argues that states should develop “microgrid road maps” to identify and implement microgrid policies.



Why Think Microgrid?

Because time is of the essence in bringing greater resilience to the electric grid, a coalition of leading energy and technology companies formed Think Microgrid in 2021 to address the inherent barriers to microgrids embedded in legacy regulatory policy.

Think Microgrid Vision Paper

This vision paper marks the start of an educational campaign to help policymakers understand how microgrids provide unique solutions for the pressing challenges of our time.


Think Microgrid:

  • Establishes a common voice for the industry to heighten understanding within government and media of the critical role that microgrids play in achieving resiliency, climate and equity goals. 

  • Provides a coordinated approach to building relationships and leading discussions with policymakers, regulators and lawmakers.

  • Works to advance pending government initiatives that support microgrid adoption and encourage new policy activity and government programs in promising jurisdictions. 

  • Fosters cooperation and alliances with the leading policy stakeholders. 

Think Microgrid stands ready to assist government entities—cities, states and federal agencies—as they explore strategies to increase use of microgrids. For more information, please contact Cameron Brooks, executive director of Think Microgrid, [email protected]


The Benefits of Membership

Here are just a few of the benefits we offer our members:

  • Education
  • Public Affairs Advocacy
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Hosted Events
  • Collaboration Opportunities 
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Think Microgrid is actively building collaborative partnerships and expanding its membership base. We are engaging with policymakers to ensure that microgrids are well understood and that the policies surrounding them bring their unique benefits to states and federal agencies.

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