Microgrid Policy Issues

Policy makers and regulators are responsible for designing utility markets that are resilient, clean and equitable. This is a daunting task and Think Microgrid is dedicated to ensuring that they do not need to bear this responsibility alone so that they can design the future that every community deserves.

Think Microgrid is focused on bringing practical and pragmatic strategies to modernize the policy landscape in which microgrids operate. Achieving the full potential of microgrids requires dedicated and deliberate action by regulators and policymakers. 

There is no shortage of private capital ready to invest in microgrids and advanced energy solutions, but that requires more sensible price signals and tariffs. Regulatory reform that focuses on fair value, fair access and fair rates is urgently needed. Unpredictable costs and arbitrary interconnection requirements hamper customer investments in microgrids, denying full achievement of cost savings. Rectifying these issues will help cities, towns and utility planners better understand where, when and how to incorporate microgrids into their resilience and infrastructure planning. 

Think Microgrid brings practical solutions and the deep experience of its members to a wide range of topics surrounding microgrids. We seek to open conversations that lead to pragmatic solutions that fit for each state, region and community. Key issues include:

  • Regulatory Treatment of microgrids
  • Rate Design & Tariff Development
  • Organized Market Access
  • Locational Value
  • Resilience Value
  • Rights-of-Way Restrictions
  • Interconnection Policy

Think Microgrid is the unified voice of the microgrid industry and we look forward to bringing that experience into the conversations that will establish the markets of today…and tomorrow. 

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